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The Farturator!
Finally those of us that enjoy the smell of our own farts have a product that will allow us to get the full, undiluted strength of our emissions.

Not only does the Farturator allow us to savor these affects it gives us the ability to save and share them with others. Never before was this possible.

Click the image to the left to see the Farturator gang and make sure to check out the video link below to see the product in action!

Have you ever cut a really good fart, tried to get a whiff and no matter how good it might smell you feel you're just getting the diluted down version? Aaron teaches you how to use the Farturator! Click here.

Operating Instructions: Using the Farturator is easy. First you have to find a soft surface where you can sit. A couch or bed is perfect. If you are sitting on a hard chair, put a pillow down first. The reason for this is that the Expulsion Collection Chamber is design to be flexible and comfortable. I designed it to mould itself to your butt and be comfortable. A hard surface is uncomfortable and can damage the Chamber.

Sit back and relax. You know when you are ready to cut the cheese. A moment before you blast into the Expulsion Collection Chamber, position your package at the front of the Chamber, fully covering that area while allowing a passage for air to enter from the back. Raise the cushioned mask and make sure you have a good seal around your nose and mouth.

Right at that satisfying point we all know so well when you contract your muscles and the gases are ejected, inhale deeply. Repeat as often as you are able.
Assembly Instructions: Putting your Farturator together couldn't be easier.

First, take hold of the Expulsion Collection Chamber and the connection tube, they pictured to the left.

Now pass the unstopped end of the connection tube through the hole in the Expulsion Collection Chamber. Be sure to pass the unstopped end from the inside to the outside of the Chamber.

Then insert the end of the connection tube into the cushioned mask. The cushioned mask is pictured to the left inside the Farturator packaging. The Farturator is now ready for your enjoyment.

Aaron's Note: When the first few units were produced I ensured that the mask would not come off by putting a small touch of super glue in the connection. You can try this if you like, however the connection tube fits so tightly I would not recomend this method. Furthermore, by assembling the Farturator in such a way that the cushioned mask can be removed will allow you to add the multiple user attachments or switch masks so that each user can have their own if they prefer.
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